How the Chart Works

The reward chart has been designed to attach to any surface by using Blu-tack, supplied with the chart

For younger children use only the smiley faces

Give these as a reward for good behaviour or to encourage children in a certain area. e.g. toilet training or doing up shoe laces. The aim here is to get so many on the chart before a priviledge is earned. Total them up at the end of the day with the child to see if a red :) face has been earned

For older children who earn pocket money, one way you can use the chart is to attach a monetary value to each yellow :)

say 20c. these are then rewarded for such things as ; being kind, a good attitude, being polite, showing initiative, cooperating, a job well done and good behaviour in general

A blue :x is worth -20c and is a consequence for some form of unacceptable behaviour e.g. being disrespectful, impolite disobedient etc.

Place the magnets on the chart and accumulate these over a week. At the end of each week or when your chilldren get their pocket money, work out how much is owing and pay out. Occasionally they may have to pay you :)

If children do extra jobs (other than those normally allocated to them) around the home they can get paid in smiley faces or pay off any accumulated sad faces they have.

E.g. Bringing in the washing, folding the washing, vacuuming, washing the car, yes your kids may be volunteering to do these jobs!